Bachelor Monday Rewind: ‘The Bachelorette’, Season 8, Episode 8: Hometowns Are The Perfect Place To Fall In Love, Everybody!

This week on The Bachelorette, we got to go to the hometown of each remaining Rose Bud (Lumpy Space Princess Chris, Jef With One F, Arie, and Sean) to meet their families and pretend-sweat it out over whether or not they’ll approve or Emily.

And yes, it was just as boring as it sounds.

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‘The Bachelorette’, Season 8, Episode 7: Prague Is The Perfect Place To Fall In Love, Everybody!

Last night Emily and her Rose Buds descended on Prague in Czechoslovakia. Which makes me hate them all, because Prague is pretty much the city I want to go to above all other cities (I am available for hire, any corporate travel sponsors who might want a kicky blogger to visit towns for them and write non-boring reviews).

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Bachelor Monday Rewind: ‘The Bachelorette’, Season 8, Episode 6: Dubirudkcioulskiciyick, Croatia Is The Perfect Place To Fall In Love, Everyone.

On this week’s episode of the Bachelorette, the crew went to a town called Dubrichoiolytickaloahik in Croatia. While I knew from reading books on vampires that Croatia is actually pretty beautiful, I bet the Bachelor team really threw an eye-opening curveball to most of America by showing them that Croatia isn’t a coal-dust-covered nuclear holocaust war zone.

That’s Romania, guys.

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Bachelor Monday Rewind: ‘The Bachelorette’, Season 8, Episode 5: What Light Through Yon Window Breaks? It’s Emily, Y’all!

This week on The Bachelorette: Emily Has a Daughter, we’re all going to LON-DON TOWWWN! Cheers, mate! Hope you have a jolly good time, then! Eat some fish and chips and go put your trainers in the boot of your lorrie, yeah!

Quote of the night, from Real Housewife Ryan, as he revels over how romantic London is: What an unbelievable backdrop for her to continue a relationship with me.

This guy. I mean…there are just no words.

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Bachelor Monday Rewind: ‘The Bachelorette’, Season 8, Episode 4: Bermuda, Bahama, Emily’s a Mama

Last night on The Bachelorette: The crew “scooted” to Bermuda, Parent Expert Doug made me puke again, Head Trauma Charlie cried a bunch, some guy we’ve never seen before got dumped during dinner in a cave, and I could totally win a million dollars from my Bachelor-watching predictions (related: Real Housewife Ryan is a total douchecanoe)!

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Friday Flashback: Got a Weird Thing To Show You

That lady went on to be a judge, I bet, or maybe a super successful internet marketer, and everyone who knew her back then probably still passes around a photo of her from that video at least once a year to all her coworkers and new family members and just-friended friends on Facebook. And she’s probably like, “No, guuuuyyyssss! That was the styyyle back then! It was coooool! I was in a ROCK VIDEO because of it!” and everyone else is like, “OMG LOOK AT YOUR WEIRO HAIR THAT EVEN CAMEO DIDN’T WANT NEAR HIS RED PLASTIC JOCK CUP, LADY.”

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Bachelor Monday Rewind: ‘The Bachelorette’, Season 8, Episode 3: If The Times Get Too Good, We Can Just Talk About Kids Again

Last night’s episode was an intense exploration of what it means to suffer through some uncomfortable conversations about being a father and what it means to everyone in the whole goddamn world. It opened up with Emily’s mom bringing Emily breakfast in bed in what looks to be like one of the most amazing bed/bedrooms in the world. I paused it to see what kind of food the most perfect woman in the universe likes to break her fast with, and it looks like green grapes, wheat crackers, cheddar cheese, deli turkey slices, hummus, and a bread/muffin-like thing with coffee.

And that, my friends, is why I feel I missed my calling as an crackerjack investigative reporter.

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Bachelor Monday Rewind: 'The Bachelorette’, Season 8, Episode 2: It’s Just About Everyday Life, You Guys

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette: Emily Has a Daughter opened up with a crackerjack “news story” on Charleston local Emily and “rumors” that the new season of The Bachelorette was filming in Charleston so Emily could be close to her daughter. This, of course, came as a shock to everyone watching, since WE HAD ALL KNOWN THIS FOR MONTHS. Great reporting, Channel 9.

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Bachelor Monday Rewind: ‘The Bachelorette’, Season 8, Episode 1: Meet My Millionaires!

To get you up to speed on some Bachelor History and ready for the new season of The Bachelor, Season 22: Arie Is Old, I'll be posting Bachelor Monday recaps of the first Bachelor season that Arie Luyendyk Jr. subjected America to his kissing style: The Bachelorette, Season 8: Emily Has a Daughter! (It was also the first Bachelor season I ever recapped! #tears). You can also now follow along with the retro-season by watching Season 8 on ABC online!

Please share with all of your Bachelor-watching friends! Especially because if I have to see "Who's the eff is Arie?!" one. more. time. on my #TheBachelor Twitter feeds, I'm gonna half'ta poison someone's Flat Tummy Tea.

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Online Dating Diaries™: Seeks Non-Flirt Baby Factory, Offers Nothing In Return

I’ve actually been sitting on this for a looooong time…first, because I was taking a break from doing (and writing about) online dating, and second, (as you’ll hear in this episode of Pizza Rainbow!) with very few exceptions, I struggle with the moral implications of publishing someone’s online dating identity.

But this is one of those very rare exceptions when I don’t have any qualms on putting a guy on blast.

In fact, I’m practically doing a public service.

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The 2015 Fuck It List: #8 - Being A Teaching Hospital

But somewhere along the way this past year, I learned that my life does not have to be a teaching hospital in Seattle, where fresh-faced residents get to work out their painful personal histories and navigate the tricky road of angsty romantic relationships while I’m trying to perform a goddamn surgery on yet another patient who was caught up in a catastrophic natural disaster on their way to the Fisherman’s Market.

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The 2015 Fuck It List: #2 - Friends Who Aren’t Living on the Two-Way Street of Friendship

...in 2015, I’m done with expending my time and energy on friendships that don’t extend mutual energy back. This is not something I say lightly: I’m kind of the type who will hold on to our Facebook friendship long after we’ve stopped talking because I want to believe that leaving that door open will be worth it down the line. And you know what? I’m going to stop doing that. Forgiveness is awesome, but I also feel like keeping those doors open expends a lot of energy that I’d rather save for friends who care about how their actions affect others. Friendship isn’t always a booze cruise (or, depending on your experiences with booze cruises, maybe it is?) but when it gives you more Bad Feels than good, maybe it’s time to get off that fucking boat.

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The #1 Rule For Becoming a New You (Hint: It involves Mall Bangs, a Flux Capacitor, and a reference to Clueless)

This past weekend I spent two glorious days getting a jumpstart on my annual New Year’s tradition: Decluttering All The Things + making new goals for the upcoming year.

You know how they say that you should figure out A) what it is that you’d be happy doing for days, and then B) find someone to pay you for it?

Somebody, please pay me to declutter all the things.

And pay me to watch reality TV.

Also, pretty please pay me to talk about myself and make out with boys and put on a record of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits right before the office is locked for a big meeting so that the set crew full of boys has to listen to the record in its entirely while they work.

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