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Throwback Thursday: My Friends Are Real Jerks

So a couple of Saturdays ago I had a tiny little housewarming party at my new apartment (I’m really tempted to call it “my new space” but then I feel like I would just involuntarily throw up all the over the place). In setting up the apartment and while in the process of getting ready for said party, I had hung a whiteboard in my kitchen and had added the following items to my To Do List –

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Throwback Thursday: Coffeeshop Horror Shop
Originally posted April 18, 2012: 

Whenever I’m in a coffeeshop with my ear buds in and I’m writing stuff on social networks, I get this super paranoid fear that I’m actually talking out loud and just can’t hear myself because my ears are filled with music. Because I actually do that, at home. The talking out loud thing. If something’s funny or if I’m writing something that might be funny, I reflexively laugh to myself and repeat the funny thing out loud. “Ha ha ha! ‘And then he said, “Unicorns.” HO HO HO HA HA HA!”

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Dear Penthouse, I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me…

About two weeks ago I was befriended on Twitter by the Graywolf Press, an excellent local publishing company. They were having a tweet-up that Monday, and to promote it, they were doing a book giveaway over the weekend on Twitter. And I won! I used to never win anything. Now I win everything (except for this…which is okay, because, um…look at who they picked?). So if you’re thinking about entering some sweet contest or sweepstakes, you probably shouldn’t even bother, because I’m probably going to win it.

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