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Throwback Thursday: Coffeeshop Horror Shop

mmm this is good coffee.gif
Originally posted April 18, 2012: 

Whenever I’m in a coffeeshop with my ear buds in and I’m writing stuff on social networks, I get this super paranoid fear that I’m actually talking out loud and just can’t hear myself because my ears are filled with music. Because I actually do that, at home. The talking out loud thing. If something’s funny or if I’m writing something that might be funny, I reflexively laugh to myself and repeat the funny thing out loud. “Ha ha ha! ‘And then he said, “Unicorns.” HO HO HO HA HA HA!”

And at first, it was one of those things that I just did because I lived alone and could – who’s gonna stop me? Pooks doesn’t know how to say, “Shut up”, which is one of the reasons why I got her in the first place – but then I started realizing that I was doing it at home when other people were there, too. So now I’m all scared that I’ve lost my public filter and if I have my ear buds in and I’m listening to music I won’t be able to hear myself when I do it and then everyone at the coffeeshop is going to think I have Tourettes or am just plain crazy WHICH BECOMES MORE REAL WHEN YOU SUDDENLY REALIZE THAT THE PLACE HAS MYSTERIOUSLY GOTTEN MORE AND MORE EMPTY.

So anyway, that’s been my day.