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Out of Breath


Earlier this year I learned about RTT Hypnotherapy, which in the simplest terms, it’s all about the stories you want to tell yourself…if you want to create a new habit, then you literally tell yourself a story about how you love doing that thing, it feels amazing, it’s so easy, etc. If you want to break a habit, you do the same thing, but in opposite land.

So I started putting this idea into practice when it came to the gym. Every day, I told myself the story of how I loved going to the gym…I LOVE working out!!! It makes me feel SOOO much better!!! Going to the gym on the reg is not just something I do, it’s who I am now!!!!!!!!

And then a weird thing happened…it started to become a little bit true. Not so true that I was like, “F*CK YEAH LOVE THAT GYM TIME”, but more…”You know, I bet if I worked out today, I’d feel a lot better.” For the first time in my entire life, I finally started to understand why some people are so into working out.

Understanding is not the same as actually *liking* it, though. The only part about working out that I enjoyed was how I felt when I was done…and about 70% of that was because I could now leave the gym. Weight lifting has always felt more constructive to me, so I’ve never totally hated that, but cardio? F***ck cardio. I know this sounds totally crazy, but I don’t like doing stuff that feels hard. I don’t like being out of breath, I don’t like pushing myself, and I don’t like being in pain *on purpose*.

But then one afternoon I was hanging out on the treadmill, speed-walking like a champ, when I could feel myself getting out of breath. Since I was on a time crunch, I didn’t want to lower the speed and make my workout longer. Instead, I thought about the breath work exercises I had been studying the week before, and casually started to practice them to see if that would help.

And all of a sudden, it all CLICKED.

Cardio as BREATH WORK.

Holy f*cking CRAP, I thought to myself. I might not love cardio, but the idea of using it for breath work, one of the most healing - and cleansing - modalities?! Am I MOTIVATED to work out now?!? Are these sneaks now a sacred tool for my spiritual practice?!

Stay tuned, fam!