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Women's Sorel Boots for The Future Instagram Influencer in You

So you've decided to become an Instagram Influencer! 

You're thirstin' for that Flat Tummy Tea money, workin' for those free pairs of Diff Eyewear, and dreamin' about wandering around Scandinavia on the Princess Cruise Line's dime. We get it! Who needs a real job when you could get paid to travel the world and live out your childhood dreams of being a model, all while winning fans and followers by constantly captioning your photos with jokes about tacos?! #Goals!

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[Mathys + Potestio // The Creative Party] WORKPLACE BATHROOM ETIQUETTE: DO’S AND DON’TS

...the social landscape of the public restroom–a place already ripe with vague codes of conduct–has swiftly become the object of scrutiny and controversy, resulting in a mire of new and sometimes tense corporate stances and office politics.

But fear not, Dear Professional Person! We are here to kick down the stall doors on proper workplace restroom etiquette to help you navigate these strange new times.

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Do you often wish for more fabric around your body when you sleep? Do you look at modern-day pajamas and think, “NOPE. Pants and shirts? Too revealing!” Do you sometimes sigh as you put on a dress, wishing that you had another dress to put on underneath it? Have you ever looked at a balloon and thought, “Man, a garment shaped like that sure would be comfortable!”?

Then rest easy, friend, because we’ve got all the answers to your old-fashioned and unnecessary fabric needs!

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[Mathys + Potestio // The Creative Party] THE ART & ZEN OF WORKPLACE SNACKS that we’ve got snacks, how do we decide which company has the best snacks for our work-snacking needs?

Easy! We do the same thing we do when seeking a person to spend the rest of our lives with—we slip them into easily categorized boxes with no flexibility or deviation whatsoever for exceptions or unique individuality!

To help you out, here’s a handy guide to figuring out what kind of company you would most like to date work at, based purely on their snack offerings!

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Craigslist Copy…or, as I like to call it, “Words I Write To Get You To Buy Stuff”

Yesterday, in an effort to clean out some space in my closets, I posted some stuff on Craigslist.

Which is, like, one of my least favorite things to do.... So in an effort to make it be somewhat fun, I decided to write the ads from the perspective of a 25 yr old male who resembles Andy Samberg’s character in the cinematic classic known as Hot Rod

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Amber L. Carter’s Holiday Survival Kit For Man Crates

Earlier this month, Man Crates (a new company that delivers crates full of gifts for guys) asked me to answer this question: What would I want in my Holiday Survival Kit?


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[Girl From the Northwoods] Northwoods Spotlight: Midwest Roasters

...when the good people at Backroads Coffee & Tea invited Meg and I out to check out their new expanded roastery, it was on par with the time when I first realized that Google could be used to gather background information on all the guys I had crushes on.

I mean, we’re talking “Suddenly…life has new meaning…to meeeee” Billy-Ocean-ballad-singing levels of excitement.

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[Girl from the Northwoods] About Town: Bayfield Apple Fest

Every fall, this part of the country becomes brutally divided by the most divisive of events. Neighbors regard each other with suspicion…friendships end…brother turns against brother…parent casts out child…all because we are each forced to make a choice.

Bayfield Apple Fest, or Stone Lake Cranberry Fest?

Which is so silly, because the answer is obviously Bayfield Apple Fest.

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My Favorite Essential Oils: A Journey

Since then, I’ve seen the oils work some ridiculous magic. No joke, it’s like having a box of potions at the ready (a.k.a., always wanted to be a wizard, nerds? Here’s your chance). These oils can pretty much do anything when it comes to curing ills, heightening happiness, and bending other people’s emotions and thoughts to your own personal will.

(That last part is maybe not an FDA sanctioned use, but…)

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