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Loretta Lynn's 1978 "Out Of My Head and Back In My Bed"


Look, I'll be honest with you - besides the fact that I was basically raised on country music, the only thing that I found really interesting about Loretta Lynn when I was a kid was the fact that she was Crystal Gayle's older sister. That's it! Oh, and I somehow managed to remember every line and interaction in the trailer to her 1980 movie, "Coal Miner's Daughter" starring Cissy Spacek, but that's mostly because I have a borderline photographic memory and also because even then I was like, "Cissy Spacek? Really? That's who you picked to play Loretta Lynn?" 

But anyway! There's way more to Loretta Lynn than that stuff: For instance, did you also know that she wrote a song about the Pill long before it was even remotely socially acceptable? And that she served some excellent shade with hit songs like "You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man" and "Fist City" (Loretta was NOT fucking around when it came to her significant other)? And if you've never heard her duet with Conway Twitty, "You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly", GET THEE TO YOUR FAVORITE STREAMING APP. Thus, she is deserving of all our respect and admiration for building a legendary career that's not even remotely close to being over (hello, Jack White duets). And that's why, my friend, if you're a fan of classic country, you deserve to reward your good taste with Loretta Lynn's 1978 album "Out of My Head & Back In My Bed" on vinyl. Hang it up on your wall and impress all of your other cool music nerd friends with your taste, or spin it on your record player and let it take you back to a time when Hee-Haw was still in its heyday and we had no idea of what political horrors lay ahead for us 38 years in the future! 

Aw, memories...

Amber Carter