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Craigslist Copy…or, as I like to call it, “Words I Write To Get You To Buy Stuff”

Yesterday, in an effort to clean out some space in my closets, I posted some stuff on Craigslist.

Which is, like, one of my least favorite things to do. Which is weird – when other people ask me to do this for them, I can do it in a flash, and boom, I’m done. But when I do it for myself? It feels like updating a resumé…a chore that feels like it might not even pay off.

So in an effort to make it be somewhat fun, I decided to write the ads from the perspective of a 25 yr old male who resembles Andy Samberg’s character in the cinematic classic known as Hot Rod.

Here’s some:

[click images below to enlarge]

Pasted Graphic 9.png
Pasted Graphic 8.png
Pasted Graphic 7.png
Pasted Graphic 6.png

Here’s a couple more: 

Pasted Graphic 5.png
Pasted Graphic 4.png

In the past 24-hours, I’ve gotten more emails from people who just wanted to send a note to tell me how much they liked the  ads vs. people who wanted to actually buy my stuff.

(Which, I mean, is great, but…how ’bout you pair those compliments with some sweet, sweet cash, yeah?)

Pasted Graphic 3.png
Pasted Graphic 2.png

Anyway, kind of the best thing is that it reminded me of how much I miss writing copy like this for clients who are down for pushing the envelope*. I mean…I can do professional, but…this stuff is just way more fun, you know?

Also, someone who came to pick up an item last night asked me “Are you that kid’s mom?”, so…pretty sure I nailed the desired copy voice, but also WTF DO I EVEN LOOK LIKE THE MOM OF A 25 YR OLD.

Written & Published August 10, 2015