Amber L. Carter
Writer. Professional Intuitive. International Fashion Model.

Intuitive Readings

I know what you're thinking... "What does Intuitive Readings have to do with pop culture and reality TV recaps?" 

Honestly, not much! At least not on the surface. It's another thing I do professionally, and if it helps, my guides make a LOT of references to movie quotes or characters because they know it's the best way to get their point across to me.

But also: One of the reasons why I have so much clarity on what I love to do (write) and how I want to do it (with pop culture and entertainment being the unifying thread through everything) is because of my super close connection to my spirit and angelic guides. I know exactly why I'm here, what I'm meant to experience, and what I need to do in order to fulfill my soul's purpose. 

And you can know all of that stuff, too! It's actually much easier and less mysterious than you might think. 

What It Is

An Intuitive Angel Card Reading puts you in direct communication with your spirit guides and angelic guardians.

And do have them! And they're never going to give you up. They're never going to let you down! They're never going to run around. Or desert you.

(thanks so much, I'll see myself out!)

(thanks so much, I'll see myself out!)

Our Celestial Soul Squads (™) have soooo much to tell us, but sometimes, it's hard to decipher their messages with all the other stuff we've got rolling around in our heads. And often, like the thing you already know you need to do, it's just easier to pick up on what your guides are putting down when you can hear someone else say it out loud. 

And that's where I come in! 


What I Do

As a professional Intuitive, I seek to serve by acting as conduit between you and your guides. Using angel oracle cards to help focus the conversation, these readings illuminate areas in your life where blessings are evident, while also shining a loving beam on the spots where you might need more support. You'll go forward from the light-filled reading with a better understanding of your guides' presence in your life…and how you can continue to work with them to better manifest all the blessings you are meant to experience in this lifetime. 

(No promises on finding out whether or not your guardian angel looks like Jason Priestley, however.)

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Some nice people saying some nice things about their Readings: 

It is not often when you can experience a reading that is so calming and insightful. Amber’s readings have been incredibly helpful to me. Her accuracy is spot on and the insight she shares is not only informative, it is packed with tips and perspectives needed to navigate through anything. She intently listens and can tap into any situation I bring up very well. When our reading comes to an end, I feel relaxed and aware...ready to do what I need to do. I highly recommend her as a reader.
— Kari Tribble,
This was AMAZING. It was super enlightening and positive. It gave me a lot of comfort.
— Becky S.
Amber just did readings for me and 6 friends that I’m with for a birthday beach weekend and she was INCREDIBLE! Everyone loved it so much...All of our readings were so different but completely on point. Can’t recommend this enough!
— Katelyn D.
You blow my mind. You’re incredible. Seriously. Thank you so, so much. You have an absolute gift.
— Nicole J.
[Amber] is truly a light and gifted.
— Lindsay B.
My best friend had such a good experience. You have a lovely gift...thank you for sharing it with the world.
— Brittany B.

Book a Private Reading

I offer live, private readings that range from 15 minutes to an 90 minutes. These are available via FaceTime, Skype, or audio phone call. Scroll down to book your private reading below!

Full Year Spreads: These are 12-card spreads that offer divine and actionable guidance for the year to come, plus one or two bonus cards that illustrate the overall theme(s) for the year. Rather than “A new love is coming” vague-like predictions, these spreads will show you what’s coming AND what do to so that you’re ready for ALL of it. It’s the best way to get psyched and prepped for the new year! Full Year Spreads are 90 minutes each and are available only for a limited time

Due to client request, same-day readings are also available for an extra fee. Because after all, the minute it hits you that you could really use some divine interpretation on what’s shaking in your life, who wants to wait a week before you get it? While my schedule is getting more and more booked out, occasionally I’ll have cancellations or a change of plans, so hit me up at Amber @ Amber L Carter dot com and we’ll see what we can do! Again, there is an extra fee for short-notice readings, but just think of it as a hot tip for fast service, brah.

Group readings - Bachelorette parties! Girl getaways! Fun events! - are also available for 1, 2, or 3 hour blocks of time. Email me at Amber @ Amber L Carter dot com for details and pricing!

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Hot tips for great Readings:

While generalized readings - aka, tapping into what your guides most want you to know right now - are a speciality of mine, having a specific question or two at the ready tends to result in the absolute best readings!

The accuracy of your reading largely depends on how open you are to the process. Because I’m tapping into your energy, I can always tell if a person is feeling skeptical or defensive during a reading, and let me tell you - it makes for a super frustrating and totally lame experience of the both of us. I can only tap into the energy that’s open and available to me - it’s a karma thing, kid - so if you really want a reading that will blow your mind (and why else would you be literally paying someone to do a reading for you?), relax, take a deep breath, and open yourself up to the possibility of experiencing some mind-blowing magic.

Recording our reading via an audio app is highly encouraged! 9 times out of 10, things will come up in our reading that you’ll want to go back and reference (for instance, those things that come up that don’t feel super accurate at the time, but then weeks go by and suddenly you realize that that very thing that didn’t feel true is now SO CRAZY UNBELIEVABLY TRUE #ithappenedtome), so it really helps to have a recording that you can keep going back to.